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I am a small German Shepherd breeder dedicated to producing the best quality German Shepherd puppies.  We are located in rural Maybee, in South Eastern Michigan.  Approximately 20 minutes south of Ann Arbor and 30 minutes north of Toledo, Ohio. 

My commitment is to raise a healthy German Shepherd puppy, with a stable temperament, and wonderful personality. 
Because I raise all puppies in my home, I produce a limited number of litters each year, each pup is raised as part of my family and gets lots of individual attention.  My 'big' dogs get a bit jealous of the attention the babies get!  It is very important to me to raise my litters with love, guidance and social experiences, resulting in a nice friendly, confident pup.

German Shepherds are truly a 'dog for all seasons'.  Breeding, upbringing and environment are key in determining the dog you will end up with. Starting with a good foundation and as long as you are willing to give lots of love, dedicate the time needed during the critical socialization windows of time,  and continue to guide and educate your dog, you will have a wonderful companion, protector or working dog.  A German Shepherd is always willing to learn, and a delight to teach.

Nicola Noble
Maybee MI 48159

734 777 9621

Von Wolfen Haus German Shepherds
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Ben and Gracie's pups, born August 1st 2011
I have decided to take a break from breeding for a couple of years. During my 'temporary retirement' I highly recommend my friends and fellow breeders Browning Haus German Shepherds.  Not only do they breed excellent quality puppies, they are also like minded in their philosophy towards raising their pups. Browning Haus German Shepherds raise their pups in their home, they receive lots of TLC and are involved in daily activities.  Just let Jill Browning know you are being referred from Von Wolfen Haus' website and Nicola Noble. I am very confident you will be very satisfied with a pup from Browning Haus German Shepherds.
As always, don't hesitate to contact me.  I have made many special friends through my puppy families!!